Irest shiatsu massage chair

Irest is a young company with a high and fast grow. The highly specialized management and employees brought this company to manufacture massage chairs for many well known companies in the United States.
It is therefore a very riable producer and its massage chairs have many luxurious accessories, apart from having very good manual-like massage functions.

Irest massage chairs have uniques airbags in the seat and legs (Irest A12Q has 69 airbag while Sanyo HEC-DR7700K only 24!) and every massage movement can be customized. This is very good because the lack of customization is one of the main reason why usually only few of the available functions are used in other producer’ chairs.

One of the most interesting function is the music function (a synchronous music massage): the intensity and speed of the massages reacts with the frequency of the music.

Although the many functions, the great comfort and the modern design that fits well in either contemporary or traditional environments adding glamour to a house, the price is incredibly low compared to other massage chairs with really less functions.

The Irest shiatsu massage chair include a built in Jade Heater, MP3 Player with Head Phones, LCD Display Panel for a very easy use and full body stretch, lying angle adjustment function and automatically sitting up, mini cup tray: all this (and more) at a very high standard as any well know US or international company.