Comparison of Ogawa Massage Chair and Panasonic Massage Chair

Today I am going to compare Ogawa Massage chair and Panasonic Massage chair. Without doubt Ogawa and Panasonic, both are a good brand as they have been sold by its name. But, sometimes people become confused and do not able to make decision between the two head which is better for them. Different massage chair is carrying different features and I was literally unable to jump into conclusion which is best for me. After doing some research and by reading the comparison I come to know the every bit of lies in different massage chair. Now it is easy for me to strike the better differences, which will great help for you.

Why go for Ogawa Massage Chair?

Ogawa Company is specialized in producing all amazing massage chair with great effort and it is engineered in a manner by keeping in mind the human body and their pressure point requirement to relief the pain through complete massage session. It works well with when you rest your body entirely in horizontal manner. It has zero gravity, 9 auto programs, 56 airbags, foot rollers, seat vibration along with great design. When it is not in use you can keep it as a part of home décor as well. This chair will give you pleasing experience of massage with new pattern.

Why go for Panasonic Massage chair?

Panasonic massage chair is easy to use and this company has always make mark in producing all latest models with great features. From its size to its effect on the body is indeed praiseworthy. There is also additional function which shows that technology is unlimited. It latest model has include some of the feature such as a 3-D massage mechanism, air massage technology, 3 all-new massage & stretching techniques, heated jade massage heads, and a reversible ottoman. All exciting features in one which gives hope to people to stick to it by doing excellent job on your body.

Features indeed plays important role in striking the good difference between the two brands. Similarly in Massage chair, what lies beneath and what do not lies, only features will brief in definite way. Take a look at the features of both Company Ogawa and Panasonic.


  1. Roller Technology

Roller Track offers unlimited privilege to your some body’s portion. It gives huge effect through its feature to hips and thighs as it is so responsive when chair is reclined. When the chair is in zero gravity position and that will work only on hips and thighs. You are having also option of choosing different tracks like S-track for your back and neck while the L-track massage for the buttocks and thighs.

  1. Body Scan Technology

The scanning process is specially designed to set right size of your body and the every program will work accurately and with effect on your body.

  1. 2 Stage zero gravity Positioning

There will be two options of zero gravity position and it gives good massage to your back and it indeed depends which is your choice between the two.

  1. Mechanical Foot Rollers

In this massage chair you will have rollers in every side and corner. One of them is foot massage which will give therapeutic result and it is well crafted with airbag compression. It will be greatre lie ffor those who have issue of foot ache.

  1. Multiple Airbags

This is something which will keep you in air and from head to toe massage will be effective for you.

  1. Various Auto Program

You will be in the midst of several programs which will function easily. You can choose also options like Gentle, Relax, Vigorous, Demo, UNIQ1, UNIQ2, Full Air, and 2 Stretch programs, stretching which is for overall body…

  1. Heat Therapy

Heating session can be relaxing on your muscles and it will give you opportunity to be flexible.

  1. Seat Vibration

Seat vibration will give the blood circulation properly and it will give you relaxation to that extend that you will feel like sleeping.

  1. Flexible in fitting

It is quite adjustable according to the height and the width of the body.

  1. USB Charger

Charger is the most essential thing of day to day life and its importance cannot be ignored. All you need to dock on your massage chair and recharge it and your phones battery as well.

Features of Panasonic Massage chair

Pre-Programmed Massage pattern is amazing for you as you can go for any of the programs such as Shiatsu, Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Arm/Hip Stretch. It has 6 programs with 24 programs each and you can customize the program after that you have to use button according to your choice.


Due to the several airbags you can get generous massage session on your body and you will love the experience of relaxation.

Body Scanning Technology

It scans your body’s width and height and according function on your body.


It is sleek in style and movable also. You can use it as a home décor if you are using as massaging chair. It is soft due to its elegant synthetic leather. It also comes in different colors.

LCD Remote Control

It is amazing to use as it offers stress areas, electric recline, arm massage, countdown timer, Auto-restore, Stop/Park, Body Scan, Acupressure Points. It is literally constituted with several things.

Robotic features

If you will consider several things then this is it. It is acquired with different benefits such as 36 independent air bags-Kneading, Compression, Percussion, Kneading/Percussion, Junetsu, Auto height and width detection for the rollers, Quad style massage system, and Stop or Park.

As you can check from the different features of different massage chairs like Ogawa and Panasonic. Both of them are amazing in their own manner. There are different strokes lies in both massage chairs. Both are suitable for the good and healthy massage session. Now it is upto you which is your choice.